This website was set up as I began work on my third book. On the heels of a regular gig with Tonic.com, I decided to sink my teeth into a big project and began connecting with women photojournalists to see where it might lead. The blogs on this site arose from parts of this journey. Several of my articles for Tonic are also listed under the icons of my two published works. Black Taxi: Shooting South Africa was published by Turnstone Press in 1996 after a year-long stint as a photojournalist in South Africa. I lived in Zurich, Switzerland for ten years and was commissioned, during this time, to write Culture Smart: Switzerland by Kuperard of London. I also raised two wonderful daughters during those years and now live, with them, in our new home town of Toronto.

I’d love for you to visit my ‘Kendall Hunter Author’ Facebook page. I’ll also be keeping you up to date on the book’s progress and any other related activity. Take a peek and thanks for the visit to my site. Hope to see you again.

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