Closer to Om: Energy Bars

Is it just me, or do these energy bars taste like an Eat-More chocolate bar (with a little added cranberry tang) to you too?

For those of you who’ve been following you’ll know I’m making a somewhat gallant attempt to step up to the plate and make some of my sister Mystee’s (aka Om Cooking) healthy recipes and post a few blogs about the whole experience. Last week was Raw Bircher Muesli. The results (according to the very particular tastes of two teenage daughters) were encouraging enough to keep going! Please feel free to stir it up a bit or mix yourself in by leaving comments here or on Facebook.


Better than an Eat-More!

This post is going to be short and sweet partly because I enlisted the help of my 15-year old daughter, Jemima, to warm up the peanut butter and rice syrup; mix in a few other ingredients and bring some giggles into the kitchen. I had, already, half of the ingredients (opted to use up the generic cocoa I had in the cupboard – shhh!) so quickly picked up the brown rice syrup (never knew this product existed) rice crisps (no Rice Krispies to be found in the house), cranberries and almonds (organic to pick up the slack!)

All went swimmingly but the mixture was a wee bit dry at the end. Mystee points out that you can add some almond milk if this is the case; since I didn’t have a stand-by stash of almonds pre-soaked and had run out of my last batch of homemade almond milk (why do I hear Ms. Anderson, my high school Home Ec teacher, scolding me in my head?) we let it slide and pressed the whole shebang into the pan and hoped for the best.

It would appear, we’ve hit on another winner! Jemima says they were “super easy” and both she had her older sister Sadie say that if we can switch the peanut butter for almond butter, they’ll both pack them in their lunches for school. Yay! I’m almost tempted to stop now while the going’s good. My kids still think it’s cool I’m trying to cook like their talented auntie Mystee and I haven’t yet turned them off of über healthy eating. Do I dare try another?

For those who want to try, the recipe is below. For those wondering, the recipes that Mystee is sending to me are all recipes that she has developed or expanded on over the years. Many are twists on old classics, an upgrading of sorts for optimal nutrition.
For the energy bars, Mystee says she’s chosen rice syrup as a sweetener because it’s caramel like in flavour but also low on the glycemic index so the body doesn’t react quite the same way as it would to cane sugar or the corn syrups found in a lot of bars. ( doesn’t create as high a spike in blood sugar)  The bar is loaded with complementary proteins found in the oats, nut butter, and nuts to provide a full spectrum of amino acids.
Good enough for me!


Energy Bars

3/4 cup organic smooth peanut butter or almond butter

3/4 cup brown rice syrup

1/2 cup organic cocoa or even raw cacao powder if you have access to it

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/2 cups quick organic oats

11/4 rice crisps

1 cup dried cranberries

1 cup raw sliced almonds

and… an optional drizzle of melted dark chocolate for the top!

Mix the nut butter and rice syrup together in a saucepan over very low heat until just softened and combined. Remove from the heat and add cocoa powder and cinnamon. Add the rest of the ingredients, mixing well with your hands to combine. If the mixture is a little dry and crumbly add a touch of almond milk.

Press into a lightly oiled 9X11 in. pan. Drizzle with melted dark chocolate if desired. Refrigerate until set (about 1/2 hour) Cut into squares.